A Cosmic Call is the 53d episode in the Sonic X series and first episode of Season Three. Unlike the other two seasons, Season Three takes place in space.

Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Tails and Amy happy to see Chris return.


The episode begins with Super Sonic fighting a massive robot who is forcing him to give it the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic instead uses Chaos Control to fling the emeralds through space, where they will be hard to find at once. Once that was done, he passes out from fatigue and falls toward his planet, also reverting back into his blue self. Up in space, the dark robot told his somewhat troopers to get him something called a Planet Egg. Meanwhile on another part of the planet, Amy, Cream, and Tails are waiting for a meteor shower to occur. Cream was though ashamed that Chris and Chuck weren't with them to see it. When the meteor shower started, one light went flying right at them! It went into the forest and crashed. the meteor wasn't a meteor at all; it was a spaceship and a girl was lying in the crater unconsious. Amy told Cream to tell her mother they're coming with someone new. At Eggman's base, Sonic lies asleep on a table-like bed. He wakes up and sees Dr. Eggman sitting in a nearby seat. Wondering what he was doing there, he asked Eggman for he couldn't remember. The Egg-Head explained that while he was running his laps, he saw Sonic lying on the shores of his home, "battered like a fish stick". Bokkun brings Sonic hot chocolate and coffee, but Sonic instead accidentally spilled it on him as he ran off. Back at Cream's house, the mysterious space girl has a nightmare of being attacked by a robot. In the background of the terrible dream, another girl's called out her name: Cosmo and told her to run away. She then awakens and notices 5 creatures around her. Everyone was relieved, except Amy when the girl asked where to find someone by the name, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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