Cosmo AKA Cosmo the Seedrian




8 (confirmed)




A Cosmic Call

Last Appearance

Between A Fearless Friend and So Long Sonic




Earthia (mother), Galaxina (older sister), Lucas (father)


Protector of her homeworld

Cosmo (or better known as Cosmo the Seedrian) is a character who appears in the third season of Sonic X. She is the female child of her plant species whose her homeworld was destroyed by the Metarex.

Her debut

In Cosmo's debut A Cosmic Call, when her ship was crashing in a field, Tails, Cream and Amy went to her and they took her to Cream's house. Cream was letting her mom know it. And an another scene was Cosmo would not let her what her name is. But she says that her homeland was taken over Metarex, and that Sonic has to save the Chaos Emeralds.

Her last appearance

In episode 77, she transformed into her transformation to tell Tails that she has to destroy the Metarex and their planet and herself. Before Tails shoots at both Cosmo and the Metarex, he says to Cosmo that he loves her. In the English version however, he says to Cosmo only goodbye to her. In episode 78, after Tails killed both Cosmo and the Metarex, he started to get sad and a spirit of Cosmo appears and starts to kiss him but then she disappears. In the other scene, Sonic gave Tails a seed which says that it's Cosmo. He later starts to cry. In the English version, Sonic referred the seed as Cosmo's child. At the end of episode 78, a plant is seen in Tails' workshop.


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