Farty Twerking Town is a location in Sonic X. It is located in the Planet Doo Doo, and is the main setting of the show.

History Edit

Farty Twerking Town was built by a mysterious being called Miley Cyrus for over 1000 years ago, and it's purpose was to make Justin Bieber bleed his nose out. As of 1568, Farty Twerking Town was finished, and a lot of immigrants from Garden Rape came to settle the town. However, in 1979, just several decades after the opening, a stinky and ass-shaking war occurred between the Mobians and the humans, and the entire town was ripped apart from its existence while 1000 people were killed. All hope was lost for Cyrus, but she had a wrecking-balling idea. She built a giant android with the help from her peers which she called "Fartwerk Robo 3000" (yes, modern advanced technology existed back then). When it was released in public during the war, the amounts of flatulence and thrusting of the hips, killing a lot of people instantly.

Residents == *Chris Thorndyke

* Sonic the Hedgehog

 * Shadow the Hedgehog 

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