Linsey Thorndyke

English actor: Karen Neill, Veronica Taylor ("Sonic's Scream Test")


  • 37 Season 1 and 2/Series 1
  • 43 Season 3/Series 2

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 170 cm (5' 7")

Hair Color: Orange

Skin Color: Light peach/white

Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Motherly, sweet, kind-hearted, smart, level-headed, loving, emotional, sensitive, friendly, protective, determined, fierce, kind, supportive, assertive, encouraging, feisty, flirty, romantic, very seductive, worrisome, gentle, sometimes brash, sassy, heroic, brave, slightly strict, naive, bold, intelligent, sweet, tender, athletic


  • Red dress with dark red belt
  • Gold earrings with pearls
  • White pearl necklace
  • Gold and silver bracelets
  • Red heels

Alignment: Good


  • Her family
  • Extreme things
  • Jewelry
  • Acting
  • Cooking


  • Not being able to spend time with Chris
  • Loss of her son
  • Not being listened to

Skills: Acting

Lindsey Thorndyke is a famous actress and she the older sister of Sam Speed who lives in Station Square with her son Chris, her husband Nelson, and her father in law Chuck. She doesn't get to spend much time with her son and husband because she is usually out filming in a movie.

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